Decorate the window for the New Year

10 ideas for Christmas window decoration at home, school or office. Decorate your home for the New year – one of the most enjoyable holiday lessons. Especially because, most likely, at home we wittingly or unwittingly, and meet the coming year. But, as many have neither houses nor fireplaces, often all that is available to decorate the window. However, in the new year window decoration has its advantages – so we'll make it a little bit and we can decorate the lives of not only themselves, but also passers-by. There are so many different ways and styles to decorate the Windows in your home or office for the holidays. Create special Christmas magic with lights, candles, ornaments, snowflakes, branches, garlands, hanging wreaths, pinecones, gifts, advent calendars, candies, and even cookies - you can hang almost everything you want! If you don't want anything to hang, then adorn the window sill. Put evergreens, pine cones, branches in bottles or vases, some figures or even a small tree. What will beautify your Christmas window? 1. Christmas snow. Let's start with the seemingly banal paper snowflakes. To move away from this very banality, go beyond the normal in the direction of minimalism, or, on the contrary, in the direction of the boyish, almost grotesque. For example, you can make just one big "snegina" or create your own snowstorm of snowflakes. Just hang decorative snowflakes on the window frame (or use pieces of tape or double sided Velcro to hang it on the glass). Another way to get them to stay – a paste of flour or starch. Try to cut multi-colored snowflakes to create a whimsical look. 2. A paper application. Cut paper can not only snowflakes. Some manage to create a real snow theater! 3. All in a row. If you have wide Windows, you will look good garland. It can be as luminous garland and made by your own hands from scrap materials. 4. Window "costume". Add glamour to the design of the window using a large glass garland, or beads. Wrap a couple of tie garland using the curtain rod, securing them with tape on the back of the cornice.

As a finishing touch attach to the ends of the garland delicate glass beads and decorate them with greenery or pine twigs. 5. Cascades of ribbons. Use regular ribbon or braid, the remains of which you can find in almost every household. Use strips of different length in color, suitable for your holiday decor, and try different patterns and fabrics (organza, satin, etc.). 6. Fragrant needles. It is an evergreen classic! Fresh pine or spruce branches will not only create a festive mood, but also gives the house the scent of the forest. Add bumps or Christmas decorations. Pine cones are great for different kinds of Christmas ornaments and they are especially good on an evergreen jewelry, framing a window. You can put a branch of pine needles in the vase or make a Christmas wreath. 7. Christmas balls. Transparent glass ornaments hanging in the Windows, it will catch the light and glitter to sprinkle around the room. String balls on the ribbon. Attach the end of the tape to the wall above the window frame using small nails or buttons. They can be hung on the tapes separately, or to collect beautiful bunches. Can be colored and monochrome - both trending now in fashion. 8. Draw a holiday. If in the house there are no Christmas accessories (which in General is unlikely, but imagine for a second.), they can simply draw on glass with paint. Suitable gouache, watercolor, markers – they are the easiest to wash off. By the way, little children this method of jewelry will surely enjoy the most. 9. Candles. What is romance without the candles! Just be careful with the curtains by candlelight! 10. All at once. Put in a beautiful vase tree branches. Surround those vases with pine cones, add candles and you will get beautiful Christmas composition. To create the perfect holiday atmosphere, don't ignore home decor. Unique and interesting window decoration will bring in your holiday home magical atmosphere and will delight your guests and neighbors will see it from the outside. Be sure to engage the decoration of children and other family members.

By the way, if you have (suddenly!) no fireplace, traditional Christmas socks you can hang it on a window..